4 floor cleaning technology trends you may not know about

If you are in the commercial floor cleaning business, then you need to be at the top of your game at all times. One way to do this is to stay in touch with the latest tech trends in the industry. Technology is changing fast, but for those that can keep up, commercial cleaning is a very profitable business. But it’s not just commercial floor cleaning companies that need to stay up-to-date with technology. Individuals need to be in tune too, in order to find the most efficient cleaning technologies that save on time and energy. To help you stay up to date, here are 4-floor cleaning technology trends you may not know about.

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1.    Smart mop technologies

Mops have come a long way. Today, the technology is so advanced that even mops have become smart.  Robotic smart mops are designed in such a way that, you simply select the type of floor you are cleaning, and the mop does the rest.  Such mops are perfect for cleaning all types of floors, including laminate floors that don’t require lots of water. That’s because, once you specify the type of floor you want to clean, it releases the right amount of water that is best for such a floor. They are an efficient and safe cleaning technology that you probably didn’t know about. Visit SquiffyClean to learn more about this smart mop technology.

2.    Lithium-ion battery vacuum cleaners

Most vacuum cleaners are attached to a cord.  While these cleaners work just fine, they have their drawbacks. One of them is that they have very limited range. They can also trip people and cause injury. Technology is replacing these corded vacuum cleaners, and one of their replacements is the lithium-ion vacuum cleaner. This cleaner allows for a wide cleaning range, and without any of the hazards that come with a corded one. It’s a technology you may not know about, but one that can make your cleaning endeavors much more efficient.

3.    Rubbermaid reveal floor mop

This is another technology trend that you need to be on board with, if you want efficient cleaning in 2019.  Its working mechanism is pretty simple. It is a refillable bottle, which you can fill up with water or other liquids, depending on the floor. Once you have filled it up, you get to control the amount of liquid that is released to the floor. It’s perfect for cleaning laminate floors because they do not require lots of water to clean them up.

4.    Libman freedom dust mop

This is an amazing technology trend that you would want to check out, especially if your floor collects lots of dust. This mop is small but very efficient. It has the ability to collect huge amounts of dust and particles, without requiring you to shake it up. On top of that, its small size makes it easy to use on areas that would, otherwise, be hard to reach. For people with small kids, this is the best technology that is worth keeping an eye on this year.

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