Your first day in year one

To our beautiful girls,

Today is your first day in year one.

How is that possible?

It only seems like yesterday when we took those first tentative steps into nursery with you both.

Mummy and daddy prepared you as best we could. We talked about nursery a lot, what you’d do there, who would be there, what to do if you needed the toilet etc.

We talked about the fact that you’d have your own special peg to hang your bag and coat on.

We did everything we could think of to make the settling in period as easy as we could for you both.

Naturally on your first day in nursery, there were tears from you both. Mummy and daddy left pretty quickly. We feared if we hung around, you’d become more distressed, as would we. It felt cruel to leave you there when you were both upset, but when we returned your teachers reassured us that the tears didn’t last long.

It took around two weeks for you both to settle in and you absolutely loved nursery in the end!

Your first full day in school, reception to be precise, was a slightly different experience.

Again, you were both unsure and nervous. Your nursery teachers had taken you over to see your reception classroom to help prepare you, and you met your teachers before you went into reception which was also helped, but again there were a few tears from you both.

Mummy also shed some tears, but away from you both, so you couldn’t see me.

Some mornings were more difficult than others. One morning you’d be quite happy to go, the next you’d tell us that you didn’t want to go. The tears stopped and reassurance from mummy and daddy helped give you the confidence to go.

We talked to your teacher to discuss ways to help you settle in. We agreed that the teacher would give you tasks to do when you first arrived to keep you busy and this definitely helped you to settle in.

Sadly, your teacher went on long term sick which meant a new teacher arrived, followed by another new teacher a few days later.

It was very unsettling for both you and us. Eventually though, you both settled in well and you both did so well in school. Mummy and daddy are so proud of you both.

You’ve gained confidence, made friends and you’ve both learnt so much.

You’ve both grown into such kind, compassionate, friendly and intelligent little human beings.

Now that you’re entering year one, neither of you seem nervous at all.

You know who your teachers are, you’ve met them and you say they’re nice.

You know where your classroom is and that you’ll be with the same children you were with in reception.

You’re both looking forward to seeing your friends again, even though we’ve seen lots of them throughout the summer holidays with play dates and meetings in the park.

So, on this, your first day in year one, we just want you both to know that you’ll be fine, that mummy and daddy will be thinking about you both all day. Wondering what you’ll do, who you’ll play with, whether you’ll eat all of your lunch etc!

Also, the great thing about being a twin is that you’ll always have each other for support, companionship and friendship.

Mummy and daddy can’t wait to hear all about your first day in year one and we just know you’ll both succeed in all you do.

We love you both so much, more than you could ever know.

Mummy and Daddy

9 thoughts on “Your first day in year one

  1. Good luck to them both in year 1. It’s great that they have each other for support, I’m sure that really helps when they are starting a new class or something x

  2. Good luck to both of them for year 1, I hope they have a lovely time. It’s great that they have each other for support during times like this, I’m sure it helps!x

  3. Aw good luck to your lovely girls in year one. I hope it is a really lovely year for them. It is so crazy how quickly it goes. My little girl went into year two this year and I seriously don’t know where the time has gone. xx

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