Weight Loss Duo: 4 Tips for Losing Weight with Your Partner

WWorking out with your partner is a good way to ensure you both follow through. No one wants to let a friend down, but working out with a loved one is more serious. For partners that find it difficult to stay motivated or get enough time together, being a weight loss duo means that you’re each other’s motivator and cheerleader. 

Here are four tips to losing weight with your partner. 

1. Get in the Mood with Cool Exercise Clothing

When you look the part, it’s easier to get out to exercise. However, if you don’t feel dressed appropriately, it can create unnecessary anxiety just when confidence is needed! 

There are some tight-fitting, breathable workout clothes for women that are very comfortable. For men, sauna suits are becoming popular as a way to cover the top half of their physique while hiding the odd love handle or small belly before they’ve managed to shift it through exercise. The use of neoprene in a sauna suit helps you to perspire more to clean out the pores while getting a workout completed too. 

2. Plan a Time to Exercise Together

Planned in advance, exercising together provides additional time to be together through a shared activity. Not only that, but you’ll both have health and fitness goals that you’re going after; pursuing them together makes that process more fun. 

Working out as a couple promotes the buddy system where neither of you can quit on exercising regularly or pass on a workout session without having to explain themselves to a doubting partner. Quitting becomes far less likely as a result! For either partner who finds sticking to exercise difficult, working out together can help with their tendency to quit on themselves

3. Choose Different Exercises That Are Complementary

Pick a collection of exercises that play on both your strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, one of you might not be the best runner but loves to play tennis. Mix in running sessions with games of tennis on different days. Why not help your partner to become a better swimmer? They’ll use different muscles and enjoy your next beach vacation far more when they can get into the water without fear. 

In turn, your partner might introduce you to yoga which is far more common for women than men. You can learn a few yoga positions that you can master. Then you can workout on separate yoga mats in the same room while listening to inspirational music created for yoga exercise

If one of you tends to get bored with a single exercise, make it a point to keep trying out new forms of exercise and different physical activities to keep it interesting. It doesn’t so much matter what exercising you do together, as long as you’re physically active. That’s the key. 

4. Set Weight Loss Goals

Set weight loss goals for both of you. Figure out how much weight you’re planning to lose each week. Knowing that 3,500 calories must be burned off for every pound lost, consider the amount of exercise required to achieve that. Either the level of exercise or the weight loss goal must be realistic and meet in the middle. If the goal is too lofty but the exercise too short, infrequent or not vigorous enough, weight loss goals won’t be met. Find the right balance. 

Expect that only water weight will come off in the first couple of weeks. Sometimes, there’s a lull where nothing is lost for several weeks after that. Understand that everyone’s body takes a different amount of time to adjust to exercise. Weight falls off in fits and starts with several plateaus. Develop the mental fortitude to push through and continue exercising even when the scales are yet to show any rewards for your efforts. 

Exercising with your partner is great for motivation. Even if you have to slow down to match their speed at times, overall it helps you bond and feel closer together through a shared activity.

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