Mindful Parenting

Before your baby was born, how many books did you read about different parenting approaches? None? One? Three? More than three? There are lots of ‘experts’ and lots of different ways to be a parent. There are the Gina Ford advocates who depend heavily on daily routines and precise time slots. Then there are those who follow their babies own natural routine. Whatever approach you take to parenting is completely up to you as the parent.  Before our twins were born, I didn’t read any parenting books.  Not because I thought I would know instinctively what to do, but simply… [Read More]

Anonomum’s Story

Besides losing my Dad to cancer, trying for kids was the most stressful experience of my life – and my Dad died in the middle of it – which made it much harder. For 5 long years we went through that awful cycle of; planning when I’d be ovulating, having sex at the right time (whilst trying to remain positive), then waiting for 2 weeks seeing if I felt different, convincing myself that it could BE THE MONTH!, then being proved wrong and falling into a pit of depression…before pulling myself out of it to start all over again the… [Read More]

The Power of Positive Thinking on IVF

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results” Willie Nelson A positive thought I wrote for my hubby using his socks! I am a strong believer in positive thinking. During my husband and I’s IVF treatment, we would replace negative thoughts with positive ones. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, negative thoughts would start to creep in. However the more we tried to think positive the easier it became.  I know that some people believe positive thinking is a load of rubbish. To be honest, before we started IVF so I did I. I don’t know… [Read More]