Thank Goodness for Pet Insurance

Two weeks ago I noticed that our much loved pet rabbit, Snuggles, appeared to have lost his appetite. Having done lots of research about rabbits when we first brought Snuggles home, I immediately knew that this was a bad thing. Rabbits are very good at hiding illnesses which means it can be quite hard to spot when they are unwell. Thankfully, I know our little Snuggles very well, and one thing I know for sure about him is that he loves his food. Every morning Snuggles has his breakfast brought to him, and this consists mainly of romaine lettuce, coriander… [Read More]

The Adventures of Snuggles. Part 1.

This is Snuggles. Yeah, he’s pretty cute, but man has the last month been full of drama for a bunny so young! Snuggles joined us on the 20th of January. One Saturday morning, my husband and I took our twin girls to Pets at Home so they could choose a pet. I should actually say that Snuggles chose us. As soon as our girls walked up to where the rabbits were, Snuggles came right up to them. He was the only rabbit that didn’t run away. In fact he was the only rabbit that came straight up to us. It… [Read More]