Dance into the holiday season with L’Occitane

Through the winding pastel coloured streets of Arles, a mysterious feminine figure runs. Her name is Arlesienne. She laughs as she runs, whilst her pink dress blows in the wind.  The eerie sound of the music plays in the background as we follow her footsteps further into her world. We fleetingly see her pass through the doors of L’Occitane En Provence. As the door opens wider beautiful gifts sit on the stands and shelves that make up the shops layout. A man to the left carefully wraps a red ribbon around a box and we then catch quick site of… [Read More]

It's Wedding Season!

Aside from my own wedding two years ago, I’ve never actually been to any other weddings as an adult. I vaguely remember going to a few when I was a child, but it seems that everyone I know goes to hundreds of weddings of a year! My sister who blogs at Two Under Two is getting married next month and I’m one of four bridesmaids. I’m the only adult bridesmaid as the other three as my girls and my niece. My bridesmaids dress has arrived, as have the other bridesmaids dresses and I’ve not long met my sister for her very… [Read More]

Be Safe This Festive Season

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s important to look after yourself properly so that you can enjoy this magical time with friends and family. Just imagine if health and safety could get hold of Santa, I’m sure he’d be in a world of trouble with some of his antics! It can’t be easy for him carrying around that big sack full of presents and squeezing down all these modern chimneys! This handy infographic, which is brought to you by First4Lawyers, shows the seven perils of being Santa Claus! The Seven Perils of being Santa was created by First4Lawyers Sponsored post