Mum This post needs no other title than that of ‘Cancer’. No description or sub-heading is needed. Nothing more than that one word. That one upsetting, devasting word. Cancer When I was 12 years old, I remember my mum and dad sitting me and twin sister down. They wanted to talk to us about something. Was I in trouble? What had done? I wracked my brain. Had I forgotten to hang my clothes up? Did I leave my plate on the sofa or my rubbish on the table? As 12 years old I didn’t really have any other worries than… [Read More]

B's Egg Sharing IVF Journey. Part 4

Following on from B’s last post (which can be read here), B continues to share her journey with us.  Waiting, waiting and a little more waiting. Well, I haven’t blogged for a while, we left off with our GP saying they could not do our screening bloods. This would have cost us £500 at the clinic we were at, which we just couldn’t afford with a wedding to pay for. So I looked for other clinics and called to ask if they charged for screening bloods for donors, one of them didn’t, just for the AMH test which would have… [Read More]