Why You Should Foster Your Child’s Creativity #AD

After you have a child, you will slowly but surely see them start to develop their own interests and passions. This is an exciting time in any parent’s life. As a parent, you want to promote strong educational tracks for your child such as interests in math, science, and reading. In additional to these kinds of pursuits, you should also encourage your child’s creative side. Studies have shown that when children have access to a reliable creative outlet that they are excited about, it helps them in different stages of their early development. Engaging in creative activities also helps them… [Read More]

We went to Techniquest!

If you live in Cardiff there is no doubt in my mind that you will have heard of Techniquest. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Techniquest is the UK’s longest established science centre. They have various exhibits which they build themselves and once a month they have a toddler day. As the name suggests on toddler day Techniquest opens its exhibition floor up for children to take priority.  They have additional activities, including story time, colouring and craft tables, all aimed at encouraging young children to take their first steps in science. In the summer of 2013,… [Read More]