Taking toys to work!

Children are funny beings at times. I wish I could remember certain details about my own childhood, mainly how I felt about various different things such as my parents going to work and other similar events. The reason I’ve been thinking about this lately is because for quite some time now our twin girls, who are four years old, have started to give me toys to bring to work with me. Of course I don’t actually bring the toys into work with me.  Sometimes I’ll leave them in my car or in my handbag, but when I return home with… [Read More]


When our girls were babies, I absolutely loved it when they fell asleep on my chest. I loved cuddling them and watching them sleeping peacefully.  They soon grew out of it though and I wondered if I would ever have any more cuddles from them!  The last month, both girls have learnt how to cuddle again! After they wake from their nap, I take the opportunity and sit down on the sofa with them and we have a nice cuddle!  Both girls love having their backs stroked, especially just before their bath! I think because they are both cutting their… [Read More]