MMR Injection and Reaction

On Tuesday, March 26th our girls had their MMR injections. The nurse told us that in around 7-10 days the girls may develop a rash but she explained that it shouldn’t make them unwell.  The girls have been great with all of their injections and they have never had any reaction to any of them but when a week later, M developed a spotty rash I put it down to the MMR. The following day R had a temperature and was quite irritable. Over the following few days M’s spotty rash grew and she had one spot right under her… [Read More]

Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review

Having two babies with occasional nappy rash, I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to review this 100% natural baby balm with guilt free ingredients.  I was going to wait a week before I wrote this review to give it a chance to work, but to be honest with you after using Pot of Gold Baby Balm for 2 days, I noticed an almost immediate difference.  I decided to use my normal baby cream on one of our girls and this baby balm on our other girl. After 2 days of using Pot of Gold Baby Balm I… [Read More]