Giving children privacy: When to draw the line? Plus making new friends

We’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch the last few weeks. One of our girls has been coming out of school moody and angry at the world. At first my husband and I approached this sudden change of personality by trying to be patient and asking her to think about how she talks to other people. We reinforced the idea that if you want people to talk nicely to you, then you have to talk nicely to them. This didn’t seem to be sinking in, so we’d usually end up shouting and sending her to her bedroom…. [Read More]

My Greatest Internet Fear

This post is my entry into the Check and Secure challenge. For more advice on family safety online, see Mums on Security. Dear Future R and M,I am writing this letter to you now that you are two years old. I know in a few years time, you will both be internet experts because this is the age that you are growing up in. A world full of gadgets and apps and smart phones. Technology has developed so much since I was a child. I remember when I was a teenager, my sister and I got our very first computer. It was huge… [Read More]

Invading your child's privacy

Me when I was younger Nowadays more children than ever are using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I remember the good old days of MSN and MySpace. Although these may not be as popular now as they were when I was growing up, it brings me to the all-important question of your child’s online safety and indeed how much privacy should you give your child. When I was a teenager I had a diary and I would write everything in it. From what I was watching on TV to who I fancied at school. One day my… [Read More]