Norovirus: What you need to know

It’s something that most people have heard of, but how much do you actually know about Norovirus? A few months ago, myself and one of our twins ended up in hospital as a result of Norovirus (read more here). It’s an awful virus and one that took me just over a week to fully recover from. Our twins lost their appetites which is no surprise really after what they’d been through and we all lost weight as a result. Following our experiences of Norovirus it’s more important than ever to me to ensure that I thoroughly clean all surfaces which… [Read More]

Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review

Having two babies with occasional nappy rash, I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to review this 100% natural baby balm with guilt free ingredients.  I was going to wait a week before I wrote this review to give it a chance to work, but to be honest with you after using Pot of Gold Baby Balm for 2 days, I noticed an almost immediate difference.  I decided to use my normal baby cream on one of our girls and this baby balm on our other girl. After 2 days of using Pot of Gold Baby Balm I… [Read More]