National Smile Power Day

What makes you smile? Your children? Husband? Pets? For me it’s my children and husband. I imagine if I had pets they may make me smile too! Today is National Smile Power Day. A day to make others smile as well yourself. Best Offers Bingo recently asked 1,000 people across the UK ‘What makes you smile?’ People living in England and Wales both said that their children make them smile with Wales coming out on top with 21.1% of people saying their children. 7.6% of people in England said their children. In Scotland 7.2% of people said that sunshine makes… [Read More]

The Power of Positive Thinking on IVF

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results” Willie Nelson A positive thought I wrote for my hubby using his socks! I am a strong believer in positive thinking. During my husband and I’s IVF treatment, we would replace negative thoughts with positive ones. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, negative thoughts would start to creep in. However the more we tried to think positive the easier it became.  I know that some people believe positive thinking is a load of rubbish. To be honest, before we started IVF so I did I. I don’t know… [Read More]