The Etiquette of Play Dates

I haven’t always been tidy. I haven’t always been organised. That is until I left home and until I had my children. It’s important to me that I’m a good role model to my children. The term ‘role model’ covers many different aspects. The way I behave in front of my children, interact with others, the way we live our lives and maintain ourselves and our homes. The way in which we go about carrying out certain tasks, the way we talk, the language we use and even the food we eat. Today’s post though will cover the way in… [Read More]

An update on our play dates

Last month I wrote a post about how I’d decided to stop going to playgroups in favour of play dates. I explained that although I’d been going to one particular play group for well over a year, I’d yet to make any real friends there. Nobody would talk to me as everyone had already formed their own friendships. It left me feeling a bit lonely. Anyway, that was then and I’m pleased to say that it was a very good decision to ditch the play group! I still go to one play group on a Wednesday, which is a friendly, small… [Read More]