Sorry my child doesn’t want to play with yours!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll already know just how different our twin girls are. M is really girly. She loves dressing up as princesses, playing with dolls, wearing dresses and generally anything pink and cuddly. R loves wearing shorts and t-shirts, dressing up as superheroes, playing football and loves the colour blue. They’re also pretty different personality wise. R loves music and is very independent therefore likes to do things herself. She enjoys playing on her own, as well as with M, mummy, daddy and her older siblings.  M loves to play with others and… [Read More]

Twins: Dress and Decor

Source A pair of twins is an absolute blessing, both for a family in general and for the children themselves; having a very close friend and companion from the get go can be great for children’s social skills and self esteem. When presented with a bouncing pair, though, how best should mothers treat their new babies? Is it best to treat twins similar? Or should twins’ be individually dressed?  Bedroom Décor Having twins might be quite the surprise for parents who weren’t anticipating such a bumper bundle of joy, but it’s easy to budget for a pair rather than a… [Read More]

The twin difference

Something that every twin parent will undoubtedly have heard during the early years of parenthood is people saying ‘double trouble’ or asking the usual ‘are they identical’ or ‘how do you tell them apart’ questions. Oh and another ‘do you dress them the same.’ The one that really annoys me is when both of our girls are dressed in pink and someone says ‘oh how lovely, you have one of each.’ What! They’re clearly girls! Very different girls at that! I think people expect twins to be identical in every way! I should point out here that I am an… [Read More]


I wonder if its just me or if its a common problem for twin parents. For quite some time now myself and twin daddy have noticed that some people appear to favour one twin over the other. More often than not we hear one of our daughters names being said more than the others. It’s not just this though, when M is close by, every one fusses over her but when M is at the other end of the room quite happily playing by herself and R is close by, no-one pays her any attention. It’s really annoying and quite… [Read More]