JP’s Story: Part 2: Ultrasound Scan

To read part one click here. April 2014 Today I had an ultrasound at my GP surgery. The procedure was identical to that of an antenatal scan albeit with one crucial difference. There was no baby. Of course there was no baby. We are still trying but nothing is happening and my cycle remains stubbornly erratic. And so an ultrasound was arranged and has now taken place. Alongside this scan, I was offered a pelvic scan. This is not something I was immediately familiar with but I was informed that it was an internal scan and that, as it would… [Read More]

JP’s Story: Part 1. Trying to conceive

Thank you to JP for sharing her story with me and for allowing me to share it with you. March 2014 We have not told anyone – I have hardly dared admit it to myself – but we are trying to conceive. Technically, we have been trying for a while now. We haven’t used contraception since the boy was six months old. But, for whatever reason, it has not happened. There are obvious contributing factors; medication, back pain (his), stress (mine) and physically being apart for 12 months. I would like to say that it does not bother me. I… [Read More]

B’s Egg Sharing IVF Journey. Part 2. AMH Results.

Following on from last weeks post, B is back to share with us her Egg Sharing IVF Journey. To read her first post, click here. So,  Monday came and I was waiting for the clinic to call me with my results. Being impatient, I decided to call them instead. The line rang through and the receptionist answered and I asked if she could check if my results for my AMH were back yet. She went away to find out, the line went quiet and I was stood there repeating over to myself in my head, “please be good, please be good”.  She came back on… [Read More]

B’s Egg Sharing IVF Journey. Part 1. First Appointment

Please welcome, B, to our blog. B has very kindly agreed to share her IVF Egg Sharing Journey with us. This is her first post, (of many I hope) and this post is about B’s first appointment at the fertility clinic. Please feel free to share your comments and follow B on twitter: @babynowplease Introduction I’ll start off with a little introduction. I’m B. I’m 25 and infertile. I have PCOS and lost my right Fallopian tube due to an ectopic pregnancy in a previous relationship in May 2011. My remaining tube, my left is damaged; it flows but was at one… [Read More]

The Olympics and IVF

You may be wondering what the Olympics could possibly have in common with IVF. Well, quite a lot actually! From overcoming hurdles you face along the way to that long awaited sprint to the finish line, read on to find out more about the ups and downs of infertility and IVF. The picture on the left was taken whilst I was waiting for my husband to be wheeled back from his surgical sperm retrieval. I don’t know why I took this picture! I guess I just thought it was they were nice flowers that had been painted on the wall! … [Read More]

Our First Consultation

On Wednesday the 25th May 2011, we had our first consultation at the fertility clinic. It went really well. The consultant put us as at ease straight away. She was easy to talk to and very helpful in answering all of our questions.  Because my husband had a vasectomy over ten years ago, this meant that he would need to undergo Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR). We decided against going down the vasectomy reversal route as our consultant advised that due to the amount of time that had passed since my husbands vasectomy, this meant that the likelihood of a reversal… [Read More]