Is It Ever Ok To Leave A Child Out?

Being a mum of twins often means that I have to divide my time between our girls. Sometimes this is pretty easy, but at other times it can be hard. For example, I find it easy to divide my time equally between them when listening to them reading their school books. They’re quite happy to sit and wait for the other to finish before taking their turn. Sometimes though when we’re playing a game it can be hard, and that’s because our girls have very different tastes when it comes to playing games. One likes to play with dolls, whereas… [Read More]

Ban Bounty Reps from Maternity Wards

Online parenting website, Mumsnet are calling for Bounty Reps to be banned from maternity wards and I’m supporting their campaign. At 34 weeks gestation, I was booked in for a planned c-section. We were expecting twins and had been told the previous week by our consultant that twin 2 had stopped growing, so we would need to deliver our babies early. We knew pretty early on in the pregnancy that this was likely to happen as twin 2’s growth had slowed down quite a bit over the last few weeks. After being moved from one hospital to another, we were… [Read More]