Should I let her win?

I’m currently sat on the sofa watching our twin girls eat their lunch. If a stranger walked into my house right now, they’d assume we were a very happy family at this moment in time. However, if that stranger had walked in 20 minutes ago, it would have been a completely different story. A story full of temper tantrums, tears and disappointment. Probably a little frustration thrown in too. You see we were quite happily playing snakes and ladders, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before our nice family game would turn sour. I could see the struggle build… [Read More]

Kick My Habits

Like most people I’ve over indulged a little over the Christmas period. Too many chocolates, cakes and biscuits. One of new years resolutions is to start living a healthier lifestyle. I want to loose weight, get active and get fit! Most days I eat a lot of junk food and as well as adding pounds to my waistlines, it also means losing pounds from our bank account! This handy tool courtesy of Leeds Building Society helps you to find out much you could save if you kicked some of your habits. Kick My Habits by Leeds Building Society In collaboration with Leeds… [Read More]

On a mission to lose weight

One of my new years resolutions is to loose weight. After doing some research online and looking at various types of diets I have decided that the one I’ll be following is the NHS Live Well 12 week plan. I used the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator to check my BMI and it came back as 25.64. This means I am overweight, although only just. I thought I would add the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator to this post because chances are if you’re reading this post you may be thinking about loosing weight too so you may find it useful.   BMI… [Read More]