Car Safety Tips for Travelling with Kids

With new changes in the laws regarding car seats for children I thought now would be a good time to address this, along with some other car safety tips when travelling with children. The new child car seat laws mean that manufacturers aren’t allowed to introduce new models of backless booster seats for children shorter than 125cm or weighing less than 22kg. This means companies will only be able to manufacture new backless booster products for children over 125cm tall or heavier than 22kg, which ever comes first. The reason behind this is because backless car seats offer less protection in the event… [Read More]

Your Family or Your Pet?! Who will you choose when it comes to your Will?!

Wills in Number infographic

Writing a will is something I’ve often thought about doing. Although if I’m honest it’s not something I’ve done yet. Somehow time seems to just run away with itself! Writing wills is certainly important, but it can also be pretty humorous at times too. This funny infographic was put together by some clever wills and probate lawyer London and it certainly makes for some interesting reading! I don’t have any pets at the moment, but I do love cats and hope to have a pet cat one day. I did have two cats before our twins were born, but living in… [Read More]

What is professional negligence?

Professional negligence occurs when you’ve been the victim of inadequate advice or improper conduct from a qualified, professional person such as an accountant, solicitor or an engineer. If you lose out financially as a result, you may be entitled to make professional negligence claims against solicitors or another type of qualified, professional person. When you use the services of a professional, they have a duty of care to carry out work to a good standard. If that professional fails to do so they will have breached their duty of care to you and as a result you would suffer a loss…. [Read More]