Review: WATCHU GPS Smart Watch for Kids

As a parent we all want what’s best for our children. At just six years old, our twin girls have been asking my husband and I at what age can they get a mobile phone. I usually just say when they’re in high school. I think I was around 12 years old when I got my first mobile phone. It didn’t do much other than make phone calls and send text messages, but mobile phones nowadays can do so much. It’s actually pretty scary. I worry about my children having access to social media and various websites which are all… [Read More]

Moochies Phone for Kids Review

I first heard of Moochies after reading an online news article about them. I was curious to learn more and find out exactly how they worked.  Moochies phone for kids is exactly that. Well, for kids it is a phone, but for parents it’s so much more.  Moochies phone for kids can make two way calls at the press of a button. It’s simple for kids to use and offers parents reassurance and peace of mind that their children are safe.  Features include: Voice calling Parent set contact numbers SOS button  GPS tracking Safe zones Watch function Design Let’s start… [Read More]