Why should you buy your Christmas gifts early?

Before you know it, Christmas has arrived. Shopping in the holiday season can be very stressful and expensive, which is why careful planning and consideration is required. Instead of opting to buy presents in the last moments leading up to Christmas, it’s much wiser to buy your gifts early. There are several reasons why. You won’t have to buy everything at once One of the main issues that everyone has come Christmas is the cost of the bulk. Because most of the time people tend to buy everything all at once, that usually leads to paying one heavy price immediately, which can definitely hurt your wallet. A very wise plan would be to start gradually… [Read More]

Experiences vs Materialistic Things: Is there room for both?

With Christmas looming, I’ve started to see an increase of people posting the same question over and over again in money saving and parenting groups on Facebook. Do you think I’ve bought my children enough presents? Does it look like my son has more presents than my daughter? I don’t understand why people post these questions, along with a picture of a huge pile of presents for their children. Firstly, if you’re that concerned that you’ve bought your son more presents than your daughter there’s actually a simple solution to find out. It’s called counting! Count how many presents you… [Read More]

Nuts for Gifts: Video Special

Finding a special and unique gift for someone for an upcoming occasion can sometimes be a challenge. Most people go down the easy route such as personalised cards and gifts that you can create online and have delivered straight to your door. Other people like to get more hands on and actually make something creative themselves as a gift for someone. This is my preferred method! I love getting my fabric stash and sewing box out! I was recently contacted by the lovely people from Nuts for Gifts and asked if I’d like to work with them to promote knowledge of… [Read More]

The best gifts and deals for dad this Father’s Day #DadsDayDeals

This Sunday is Father’s Day. If you haven’t already started shopping for your gifts, then you’re in luck! In this post I will be bringing you some of the best gifts and deals that I can find for dads this Father’s Day in my #DadsDayDeals blog post! Let’s look at some voucher codes! When I shop online, the first thing I do after I’ve added all of my items to my shopping basket is do an online search for some voucher codes. I mean, who doesn’t want to nab a bargain! In addition to grabbing a bargain, I’ve noticed that My Voucher… [Read More]

Usable Treats For The Whole Family

Gift giving is very traditional in a lot of families and places. Sharing what you have to make someone else’s life better is one of the greatest ways to show that you care about them. Spending money on someone is just like spending time on someone. But, instead, they get something they can enjoy out of it. But, of course, a lot of people struggle with gift giving. Knowing what to get someone is never easy. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Gifts that are useful will always go down well. And, this post will be going through… [Read More]

Little Gifts to Show your Husband you Care

Pexels After you have children, it can often change the relationship between you and your hubby. After all, you are so busy with the kids that it can be hard to get a minute alone with your other half. But to ensure you keep the love alive, it’s so important to make some time for your husband. And most of all, you need to show him how important he is to you and the kids. In fact, here are some little gifts you can get your husband to show him how much you care. A date night with you It’s… [Read More]

How much should I buy the kids for Christmas?


This post was inspired by an email conversation I had with my sister a few weeks ago. We were talking about Christmas and what we were buying our kids etc., when my sister asked how much I was buying our twins for Christmas. Up until that point I hadn’t really thought about it. I replied saying that I think kids would be happy with a handful of presents, but that I thought it was the parents who ultimately feel the need to buy their kids everything on their letter to Santa. This got me thinking. As I said above I… [Read More]

How to save money when buying gifts for loved ones

I’ve written about previously about voucher codes. As someone who is keen to save money online and in store, it’s important for me to be aware of the best ways that I can save the pennies. For me this means doing my research first to ensure that I can get the best deals possible. If I know what I want, I simply do a quick online search to see what the best price is. For most people that’s all they’ll do. They’ll find the best price and buy the product at that price. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve… [Read More]

Make Father’s Day Special this Year with Snapfish

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you’ll be getting the special dad in your life? Why not make this Father’s Day a special one with a personalised gift and card from Snapfish! Whether it’s a photo mug, photo book, jigsaw, desk calender or something else from their fabulous range, you’re sure to find the perfect gift! I recently received the above canvas from Snapfish to review and hopefully you’ll agree that it’ll help inspire you to give dad more than socks this Father’s Day! I chose the photo above of our girls to use for this… [Read More]

The Book of Mum Review

With Mothers Day fast approaching have you thought of what you’d like to receive or what you’ll be gifting? My husband tends to buy chocolate, flowers and teddy bears for me from our twins which is always lovely. If you’re looking for something a bit different though, you may want to take a peek over at The Book of Everyone for some beautifully personalised books. I was asked to review a hardcover ‘book of mum’ book and I have to say that I love it! The process of creating the book online via the book of everyone website was easy… [Read More]