Gas Safety in the Home

It’s probably not something that crosses your mind regularly, that’s if it even enters your mind at all. However knowing how make sure your home is gas safe is really important. Millions of households all across the UK use gas every day. Whether it’s cooking on the stove, turning your fire on or using heaters, the amount of gas we consume on a daily basis is rather a lot. The problem is that if your gas appliances aren’t safe then they can quickly become dangerous. Natural gas is flammable therefore if there’s a gas leak, a flame or a spark… [Read More]

Home Improvements

This is our fire place. Ok, so I know there is no actual fire place in it, but it has served a good purpose, well two good purposes. When Twin Daddy and I first moved in to our current home back in December 2012 we noticed how incredibly cold the front room was. It was because there was no fireplace, just a hole with a huge draft coming in. Twin Daddy ingeniously came up with the idea of taping some cardboard over the fireplace to stop the draft coming in and it works! Originally we had planned for this to… [Read More]