Cabin Fever Cures

Image from Pixabay Every parent with a newborn, or even toddlers, is at risk of going insane. We’re sorry, but it’s true. You sit in day after day, watching the same episode of a kids program time and again. You have next to no adult conversation. And, the work is endless. But, if you start going insane, how do you think your little ones feel? It gets to the point where you’re desperate them to start school so you can get some life back. But, when the times comes, you’ll miss them like nothing else. So, it’s important to make… [Read More]

Every parents nightmare

The past few days have been every parents nightmare. What started off as a cold and a slight cough, quickly developed into something more serious. As a result I’ve had a really big bought of mummy guilt. Last week, M, had a runny nose and a cough. She went to nursery as normal, but on Tuesday she wasn’t herself.  Tuesday evening, I was convinced that I’d keep her home from school the following day, but when she woke Wednesday morning, she was quite chirpy and more than happy to go to nursery so I took her. When I picked her… [Read More]

8 months old: The Twins First Ilness

We got so far! 8 months with no illnesses!  It all started when I came back from my first visit to baby group. A few days after both girls were a bit full up. Snotty noses, sneezing, phlegm, you catch my drift! Then, two days ago, both girls threw up in the evening. I didn’t think much of it as it was a one off that day. Yesterday however, both girls couldn’t keep any milk or food down. They were both upset, tired and inconsolable. By 5pm, we decided to call the out of hours doctors as both girls seemed… [Read More]