How to save money on everyday items

From clothes to furniture and food, it seems as though no-one is paying full price for anything anymore. With the rise of extreme couponing in the UK it’s no wonder that we feel as though we need more for our money. It is possible to get the things you need for less and here are a few tips on just how to do that. 1. The next time you visit your local supermarket to do your food shop you may want to allow some extra time. I don’t mean so that you can look at every deal in the shop… [Read More]

Project 365: Week 8

Day 48 R watches TV standing in a box! Day 49 Morning cuddles… Day 50 We make and play with moon dough… Day 51 We play dress up! They’re fairy princesses! Day 52 M chilling as I get dressed in the morning! Day 53 Next week R and M will be 2. It’s half term next week though, so they had the birthday hat at music group today! Day 54 Pretending to sleep on the sofa! Day 55 We go to the park for the first time this year…

Project 365 Week 4

Day 19 M helps Twin Daddy with the washing! Day 20 M wants to come to work with me so she gets her shoes and coat out!  Then cuddles with R and Daddy on the sofa… Day 21 R’s not feeling so good today Day 22 R playing with the train set… Plus, the joy of drinking water out of a bottle! Day 23 Playing with their kitchen. We’ve cooked, stirred, poured and laughed! Day 24 Cuddles together on the sofa… Peekaboo..! …and wearing mummies trainers! Oh and we made cake! Day 25 We read some books… …ate some of… [Read More]

Project 365 Week 2

Day 5 A rare day off! Twin Daddy and I went into town without the twins to do some shopping, have a nice meal together and we also went to the cinema. This was only the second time in almost two years in which we have gone out without the twins! Day 6 It’s raining outside so we have an indoor picnic! Day 7 A rather musical day! We dance to music, play some instruments and have lots of fun! Day 8 M decides rather than eat her yogurt, she would paint her toes with it instead! Day 9 Enjoying… [Read More]