My Sewing Projects: Poppet Dolls aka Dummy Fairies

Our twins are four years old. Actually, four and a half years old. They’ve been going to nursery for two and a half hours a day for just under a year, and they’re starting school in the next few days.   I think it’s fair to say that it’s time we ditched the dummies. In fairness the girls rarely have one during the day, although M does have a habit of asking me many times during the day for one in an attempt to wear me down, which on occasion I have given into!    Come 5pm though and that’s… [Read More]

Help! My toddlers love their dummies!

I swore blind before our twins were born that a dummy would never ever reach their little mouths! They would be cuddled, they would be nursed or rocked or maybe even sang to for hours on end to calm them, but a dummy would never pass their lips. Bah ha ha ha ha ha! Oh how foolish! How naive, innocent and sweet my views of raising our children were! I remember one time when our twins were in special care. I had made it very clear to the nurses that I didn’t want our children to have dummies so imagine… [Read More]

Bedtime routines at two years old

It’s been a long day. 6.30pm arrives. The girls are in their pyjamas, as am I! We make our way into the kitchen and grab a bottle of milk from the counter top. M is in daddy’s arms, whilst R is cradled in mine. We return to our front room. The blinds have been closed and the curtains drawn. We’ve said goodnight to the outside world and turned the lights off. The TV is on mute and I can’t wait for the girls to sleep so I can just sit and do nothing! At just over two years old, I… [Read More]

The Dummy Fairy Workshop Review

I’ve blogged previously about my attempts to wean our girls off their dummies and for a short while it worked.  Somehow though we’ve slipped back into old habits and have been allowing the girls to have their dummies during the day.  Ideally the only time I want them to have a dummy is for nap and bed time.  Around two weeks ago I started working on reducing the amount of time that the girls have their dummies. It’s actually gone better than the last time I tried as R hasn’t asked for her dummy as much as she did last… [Read More]

Operation Dummy Fairy

Dummies can be an important source of sanity for many new parents. Allowing them to comfort their crying baby quicker and more easily than those who don’t use dummies. Before our daughters were born I was adamant that I would never use a dummy. I always told myself that there had to be a better way to comfort a crying baby, but when it’s 2am and you just want to sleep you’ll try anything! When our daughters were in special care I informed all of the nurses that I didn’t want our daughters to have dummies. Imagine my horror when… [Read More]

Sleep Update

Hoorah!  *Jumps up and down ecstatically* I think it is now safe to officially blog about sleep again! We have managed to get R to sleep in her cot all night! In my last sleep post I mentioned that we were all co-sleeping.  It took me a long time to come around to the idea of sharing my bed with a baby. I was worried that I would roll on top of them or that they would roll out of bed or even worse.  When R and M were around 10/11 months old I finally gave in. Lack of sleep… [Read More]

Does it get easier?

I’ve written quite a few posts since starting our blog a few months back and in a few of those posts I have said that I found the first 6 months the easiest. The first month of our girls lives was spent in special care. Now, obviously that wasn’t easy. Suffice to say that was and will always be the hardest, most toughest part of being a parent. At present, twin daddy and I are experiencing another tough phase that many, many parents the world over face…sleep deprivation. It’s used as a form of torture for good reason! Our girls… [Read More]