Wedding Party Dresses

I love a wedding! The last wedding I went to was mine and the time before that I was a child so I can’t really remember much from it, but I love looking through people’s wedding photo’s and seeing who wore what. When Twin Daddy and I got married I was 7 months pregnant, so my dress had to accomodate my bump, even though I didn’t have a very big bump for twins! I’m attending a wedding next year and it got me thinking about what sort of dress I would wear. I’ve been looking at the lovely Dress First website and have… [Read More]

Prom Fashion

Megan and Emily Dress: £65 from Warehouse Dress: Handmade by Nia Brown Clutch: £9.99 from New Look Shoes: £24.99 from New Look Shoes: £65 from Office Ring: £40 from Pandora  Thank you to my wonderful step-daughter Emily and her best friend, Megan for modellng for me