A very Frozen Christmas!

This is an entry into Florida 4 Less’s competition to win a £100 amazon voucher. Disney’s Frozen isn’t even a year old and yet the majority of their toys have sold out everywhere! Luckily my husband and I bought our girls some Frozen toys early and have been keeping a vigilant eye out for pretty much anything to do with Frozen! Our girls love it! They”re not even three years old and yet they know all of the words to all of the songs! They have Princess Elsa dresses and crowns and they both love Olaf! If you read my… [Read More]

Blaze On Fairy Light Review

With Christmas just around the corner what perfect timing to review some fabulously, cute fairy lights from Blaze On! Blaze On was started by Lisa, Blaise and her family. Ten years ago they left their city life behind them and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. Weeks turned into years and during their time in Thailand they made great friends and had the chance to explore the rich culture. Whilst there they learnt of a more balanced and ethical way of life. Upon their return to the UK, they had an idea to collaborate and take their many talents further –… [Read More]

Creating Our Own Christmas Traditions

Growing up I remember some specific details about what would happen in our house at Christmas time. Mum would make a Christmas cake every year and it always tasted delicious. We would have the whole family around ours on Christmas day and after opening our presents we would all sit around the dining table together and enjoy Christmas dinner. I remember waking up every Christmas morning to an overflowing Christmas stocking at the foot of my bed. Like most children, I imagine, I hardly slept Christmas eve for all the excitment of what the following day would bring. I swear… [Read More]