’10 Things Girls Need Most’ Book Review

As a mum of girls I try to do everything in my power to ensure that I steer them in the right direction in life. They’re only five years old, but already they’re confident, clever and knowledgable. By empowering them to make their own decisions, regardless of how small they may be, we can give our girls the confidence to achieve anything they want. I was recently sent a book called, ’10 Things Girls Need Most to grow up strong and free’ by Steve Biddulph. The main idea behind the book is to combat the ever increasing number of girls… [Read More]

Essential Summer Duds for Dads

Summer is around the corner and that means it’s time for some new clothes to ring in the season. Sometimes, outfitting fathers for the warm weather months is easier said than done. For many dads, trying to follow the latest fashion trends often spells disaster. Here are a few rules and trends to stick to so you can look your best during the summer without unnecessarily embarrassing your family. When you’re a grown-man with a family, you should be well beyond trying to attract attention with your clothes. When it comes to dads and fashion, less is more and your… [Read More]

Football Dads: Which is yours?

Its no secret that my husband loves football. He’s loyally supported Manchester United for as long as I can remember. His football knowledge is second to none and even his three children (my step-children) have all played football for a team. His middle daughter still plays now for an adult team. Hallmark have put together a great infographic called ‘Football Dads: Which is yours?’ (See below) I would have to say that my husband is ‘The Chanter!’ When his team scores or if the opposition foul he’s so vocal he could probably wake half the neighbourhood! Hallmark are running a… [Read More]

The Competitive Mum

We’ve all met them. They go on about how they only breast feed their child and wouldn’t dare let an ounce of formula pass their little ones lips. They tell you how perfect their child is and how they go down on their own in their cot at night and then they don’t hear a peep out of them until they go in to wake them at 9am the next morning.  They have tales of how well behaved their child is and how they never ever cry and even though they’re only 17 weeks old they can already recite the… [Read More]

Twin Dads View on IVF

Before our treatment started, how did you feel about having to undergo IVF? I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t be successful but I was also excited about the prospect of having a baby. I felt fine about all the tests and positive that they would come back with good results. Before you had PESA (Surgical Sperm Retrieval), how were you feeling? Were you nervous? I was very nervous. It had been such a long time since I had my vasectomy. I was worried that they wouldn’t find any sperm but also worried that if they did the quality might not… [Read More]