It’s relentless, but hang in there!

Becoming a new parent is terrifying. You may have read lots of parenting books, asked your friends for advice and searched the Internet for information, but the first time you’re handed your new bundle of joy, everything you thought you knew about babies, goes straight out of the window. It’s nothing like they say it will be, and whatever approach you take may well work one day, but the next day the chances are it won’t work again. Babies needs are forever changing, from one minute to the next. They’ll go through so many ‘phases’ before they’ve even turned one,… [Read More]

But, will they think I can't cope?

The past few weeks have been tough. Very tough. Both girls have started waking up in the night, every night and this has been going on for almost three weeks. Twin daddy and I have argued a lot and have both been very irritable and stressed. I wake up every morning feeling sick and most mornings the first thing I do is bend over the sink and gag because I am not eating properly as a result of being tired and stressed. Both girls are teething and it all came to a head this morning. We need help. We have… [Read More]