Does community spirit still exist?

How involved are you in your local community? When I was growing up I wasn’t involved in any activities to help my local community. However, things have changed for the better since I was a child, and we’re now more aware of the impact our actions can have on the environment. When I mention ‘social responsibility’ what do you think about? For many people they instantly think about businesses, and how they must work ethically with sustainability in mind. However, social responsibility is the job of every one. We need to look our own ‘community spirit’ and see how this… [Read More]

A family fun day out at Greenmeadow Community Farm

Back in April of this year I wrote a post called, ‘Seven farms in and around Cardiff that you must visit‘. Included in this post was Greenmeadow Community Farm. I’ve wanted to take our girls there for so long and I finally got the chance yesterday. Greenmeadow Community Farm has been a working farm for over 250 years and in the late 1980s it was saved by a group of local people who wanted to stop the farm being turned into a development site. Thank goodness they took this action as Greenmeadow Community Farm is a seriously impressive farm! Opening… [Read More]