Am I boring?

If you ask me what my idea of a good night is, I’d say being at home with my husband. Our girls would be asleep in bed. We’d have a good film on, and perhaps a takeaway too. I’d be laying on the sofa under a blanket next to my husband. Boring? Perhaps, but that’s my idea of a good night! That may change as our children get older. I may push the boat out, and my husband and I may go out for a meal in the evening, perhaps a concert or the cinema etc, but for now a… [Read More]

Travel Guide: Nightlife and Clubbing for 18-30 year olds

Oh to be young and have no responsibilities! I remember the days well! I lived for the weekend! I could do what I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted! Saturday would typically be spent travelling – to the beach, a new restaurant or entertainment venue whereas Sunday was usually a day to spend lazing on the sofa watching TV. If I was lucky I might even nod off for an hour or two! Things have changed a lot since becoming a parent! My days are now filled with play groups, crafts, swimming trips, play dates and trips to… [Read More]