Stress busting tips for travelling with toddlers!

Are we there yet? I’m bored! How many times have you heard this whilst travelling with your little ones. Even if we’re just going a short distance down the road, I get asked the inevitable, “Are we there yet?” question! A recent survey carried out by Airport’s, parking and hotels (APH) has revealed that 15.6% of people thought that travelling with children was one of the main causes of travel stress in the UK. I can really relate to this! We’re going on holiday next month with our twins and will be travelling by plane as we’re flying to Menorca…. [Read More]

Boredom Busting Ideas for Toddlers

Summers here, school’s out and for parents of toddlers that also means playgroups are out too! Here are some great activities to keep your toddlers busy this summer. Some are free and others only cost a few pounds, but they’ll be sure to entertain! Potato print painting Who didn’t do this when they were a child?! It’s great fun and something a bit different from the norm of painting with a paintbrush or your fingers! It’s easy to do, simply buy some potatoes of all different shapes and sizes then cut them in half before handing to your toddler. I… [Read More]