It's Wedding Season!

Aside from my own wedding two years ago, I’ve never actually been to any other weddings as an adult. I vaguely remember going to a few when I was a child, but it seems that everyone I know goes to hundreds of weddings of a year! My sister who blogs at Two Under Two is getting married next month and I’m one of four bridesmaids. I’m the only adult bridesmaid as the other three as my girls and my niece. My bridesmaids dress has arrived, as have the other bridesmaids dresses and I’ve not long met my sister for her very… [Read More]

Wedding Party Dresses

I love a wedding! The last wedding I went to was mine and the time before that I was a child so I can’t really remember much from it, but I love looking through people’s wedding photo’s and seeing who wore what. When Twin Daddy and I got married I was 7 months pregnant, so my dress had to accomodate my bump, even though I didn’t have a very big bump for twins! I’m attending a wedding next year and it got me thinking about what sort of dress I would wear. I’ve been looking at the lovely Dress First website and have… [Read More]