How Double Glazing Helps to Reduce Energy Bills

Living in a fairly modern bungalow means that our home is blessed with double glazing windows. Not only does it limit the street noise from outside, it also helps to keep our home warm in the cold winter months. However we haven’t always had the luxury of a double glazed window. Before we had children together, my husband and I lived in a second floor flat. It was in a block with lots of other flats and it was quite dated. The paint peeled from the outside of the wooden window frames, and inside there was so much condensation that… [Read More]

The Weekly Shop Challenge: First Online Shop and Food Bill

Following on from my previous post (click here) we have now entered the world of online grocery shopping! The total bill was: £92.37. This is a massive saving for us of around £50.00 a week which means £200 a month!  I can’t wait to see what arrives as I’m hoping we won’t have too many (if any) substitutions. Here is what we bought: Fresh Welsh Whole Milk 6 Chocolte Chip Brioche Fairy Non-Bio Washing Powder Birds Eye Fish Fingers Calpol Nurofen Pepsi Cow and Gate Banana Porridge (x2) Minstrels Pouch Wotsits Radox Banana Fruity Cusard Pots (x2) Pear and Apple… [Read More]

The Weekly Shop Challenge

When Twin Daddy and I first moved in together our weekly food bill was around £60. I look back on those good times with fond memories! For no longer are our weekly shops so cheap. Most weeks we spend on average anything from £120-£150. Don’t ask me on what because I truly do not know! We don’t buy excessive amounts of food. Admittedly we do waste some food but I wouldn’t say it was an absurd amount. On Monday I was chatting to one of my colleagues in work about how much our weekly food shop is and I was… [Read More]