A Day Out At Amelia Trust Farm

During the Easter holidays our twin girls decided that they’d like to go to a farm. I’ve previously written about some of the farms we’ve visited such as Greenmeadow Farm, Cefn Mably, Warren Mill and Walnut Tree Farm. You can read my post, Seven Farms in and around Cardiff that you must visit for more information about these farms or simply use the search bar on the left to search for a farm review. One farm that I’ve heard good things about, but that we hadn’t yet visited is Amelia Trust Farm. However, our day didn’t start out at Amelia… [Read More]

Travel Feature: Wales's Hidden Gems

With it’s rugged coastline, national parks and the many historical sites that are dotted around the country, Wales is a fantastic place to visit this Easter. I’m lucky enough that I live in Cardiff, the capital of Wales and I have to say that it really is a great place to live. I was born in Cardiff and have lived there all of my life. I could never ever dream of living anywhere else! With that in mind, I thought I’d put together a guide of some of Wales’s hidden gems that you simply must visit at least once in… [Read More]

A day out at Barry Island

Last week I drove down to Barry Island from my home in Cardiff. I’ve been trying to take our three year old twin girls to new places this summer holiday and although Barry Island isn’t a new place for me, it was for them. I have fond memories of visiting Barry Island when I was a child. The pleasure park was always something my sister and I looked forward to, with the log flume in particular being one of our favourite rides. Sadly the log flume was demolished in April of this year as the structure was beyond repair, but… [Read More]