Luck, chance or fortune?

I’m the sort of person that believes everything happens for a reason. I think certain elements and experiences from our past happen for a reason and although at the time we may not realise it, it’s not until the future that we realise why something from the past occurred. Do you believe in luck? I do and I have been fortunate in life in many ways, but then again I’ve also had my lot of back luck. Thankfully the good luck has been more than the bad! The infographic below has been provided by Paddy Power Bingo and offer some tips to… [Read More]

Return to the school gates: The good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s official – half term is well and truly over! Image courtesy of digitalart/ Schools are back and with it some normality can (hopefully) be regained! But, what does the return to school mean for you and your family? For most it means forking out for new school uniforms, pencils, pens and that awful sticky stuff to cover school books with! I can never get it on without a few bubbles or wrinkled lines! Just me? Evenings are spent creating packed lunches that look like works of art. Posh ham sandwiches in the shape of a dinosaur anyone? Dicing cheese into… [Read More]

Posture Plast Review

During pregnancy I developed a bad back. I assumed after the girls were born that it would just disappear but nope! It’s still there and worse than ever because I now have two mini me’s to carry around! Posture Plast has been clinically designed to only allow the spine to move as intended and not how the modern world dictates. Importantly, PosturePlast retrains your back to move correctly, even after you have removed it. Twin daddy had to help me to put it on as it would be too difficult to do on my own. It takes a bit of… [Read More]