Review: Pyjamas from Cool Clobber

I love a good pair of pyjamas, don’t you?! I’m the kind of person who’s usually in my pyjamas around 6pm! I like to be cosy, and for me there’s no better way to get cosy than with a good pair of pyjamas and a blanket! So when Cool Clobber offered to send us some pyjamas to review, I jumped at the chance! Cool Clobber sell a range of products for children and adults. Products include pyjamas, bedding sets, swimwear, backpacks and more! They sell lots of character items from the Avengers and Paw Patrol, to My Little Pony and Harry… [Read More]

Marvel Kids Game Review

As a mum to twin girls I’m always amazed at how different our girls are. A lot of people assume that twins will have similar likes and dislikes, but that’s simply not true. As a twin myself I can also second that! M loves all things girly. Princesses, fairies and pink things! R, on the other hands loves all things ‘cool’. She’s obsessed with Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man. She loves wearing blue and dislikes ‘pretty’ things! When we were recently asked to review some online Marvel Kids Games I knew I had to do it! The first game we played… [Read More]