• I’m an old woman!

    September 24, 2015

    I’m an old woman and I simply don’t care! I’m 28 years of age. This may be confusing, strange and odd, but bear with me please! It will soon make sense. I’ve never been one for clubbing, drinking  or dancing. Well, I do dance. At home with my girls, but in a club, pub or…

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  • The Journey Towards Becoming an Egg Donor

    January 15, 2015

    Egg donation is a process that can completely transform lives. How? This extraordinary gift enable those who want children more than anything in the world, to start the family they’ve always yearned for. Read on to learn the emotional journey of a couple before they become an egg donation recipient. Hopeful to begin with Couples…

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  • Creating an exciting environment for kids to play in

    October 19, 2013

    Image courtesy of marin/freedigitalphotos.net Creating an exciting and engaging environment for your children to play in is no doubt the ideal that all parents strive for. The reality for most, though, is that it can be quite difficult to achieve. Toys have a habit of spreading across a house and mums and dads are often…

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