My 1st Years Personalised Teddy Bear Review

I love gifts that have something unique about them. Something that shows a bit of thought has gone into it. This is one of the reasons why I’m making our girls a quilt each made out of their old baby clothes. When I was asked to review a product from My 1st Years, I chose two Personalised Teddy Bears. Like most children I imagine, our girls have a lot of cuddly toys, but not many of them can be kept as a keep sake. I have saved the girls first comforters and their sisters bought them a bear each from build a… [Read More]

My 1st Years Pyjama Review

My 1st Years was founded in January 2010 when the founders realised that they couldn’t find anything unique enough as the perfect baby gift. They realised that there was a huge market for a new company that could provide baby gifts that were unique, fashionable, yet affordable baby gifts. Personalisation has become the key to the form of this company making them want to aim to become the No. 1 baby personalisation brand. At the heart of the My 1st Years range are essential baby outfits for newborns such a shoes, outfits, bears and accessories. Every product has been sourced… [Read More]

The Cutlery Commission Review and Competition

I have a new favourite shop! The Cutlery Commission! Katie Dobson is Founder of The Cutlery Commission. Whilst on the hunt for a unique gift and struggling for inspiration, Katie found herself at her favourite car boot sale knee deep in boxes of chipped china. That is where Katie found it…’it’ being a rather sad looking silver spoon, which unbeknown to her was soon to become the inspiration for what is now The Cutlery Commission. To read more, please click here.We were recently sent one personalised silver plated fiddle spoon and one desert spoon. I decided to have the silver plated fiddle… [Read More]

What do you buy 1 year old Twins for their birthday?

I thought I would share with you what I have bought our twins for their first birthday, without recommending specific brands or products. Here goes: * Blocks. Our girls have blocks already but the ones I have bought for them are a little different to ones I have seen before. They have these blocks at baby group and the girls really enjoy playing with them. They are little plastic blocks that click together, but the top of the blocks all have something different in them. For example, one has sequins in under a clear plastic window. M, particularly liked this one. Another,… [Read More]

Your first Christmas!

Well, Christmas has gone just as quickly as it arrived. Your first Christmas will always be remembered with fond memories. Not because of all the toys and wonderful gifts you received but because it was your first. I can’t imagine what it must be like for those parents who have babies in special care at this time of year. It’s hard enough at any given time but even more so at Christmas. I’ll be honest, this was one of the most stressful Christmases we’ve had for a while. Over the last two weeks we’ve moved house and you’ve also had… [Read More]