Spreading The Love: Helping People Beyond Your Family

Our primary concerns will, of course, always be with our families. But that doesn’t mean that the only people we should help are those people in our immediate family; we should also look beyond, and help the wider community. The more people you help, the better that society will be, for those people and for your family. Below, we take a look at some ways you can help others, and create a better world at the same time.

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A Sense of Community

One of the simplest ways you can improve the world around you is to understand that society doesn’t exist around you; it is you. You’re a part of your community whether you like it or not — whatever you put into it will be reflected back. It’s all too easy to develop an annoyance at the people and life around you, but no-one’s forcing you to be there — it’s your choice. If you choose to live in a society of people, then do your best to ensure that you’re helping to make it as good as possible, even if that just involves being kind to others.

Volunteering Your Time

More people should volunteer their time. It helps you meet new people, it helps others, and makes you feel good — the science is pretty clear on this last point; acting selflessly gives your happiness and confidence levels a boost. The thing about volunteering is that any amount is good — even giving up an hour or so every couple of weeks will make a difference. Take a look at the charities that are operating in your area, pick one that you feel connected to, and get involved.

Teaching the Next Generation

Want to help others, but also aware that you need to make an income? Then look into teaching, which is one of society’s most influential careers out there. Whether you’re teaching young children, teenagers, or adult students, you’ll be in charge of transmitting the knowledge and know-how they need to be the best version of themselves, which, of course, can only be a good thing for the world. You can also study for an MA in education at the University of Exeter Online, which will allow you to be involved in education in non-traditional teaching roles, too. The ‘next generation have always been – and will ‘always be – the future, and being part of the educational process is a terrific way to nudge the world in the right direction.

Helping the Needy

There’s also a whole section of society who need help. They are the frail, sick, disabled, lonely, and other vulnerable people who aren’t always as well taken care of by the start as they perhaps should be. If you’re of a naturally caring disposition, then look at getting involved with charities, NGOs, and government organisations that deal with these issues. There’s much job satisfaction to be had in helping people who really need a helping hand. As a society, we are only as strong as our weakest link — in the course of your work, you’ll be helping people to achieve more than they could do on their own.

Be Aware of Your Privileges

If you’ve got a roof over your head, have enough food, a job, education, and a support network around you, then you can consider yourself to be in the top .00001% of humans who have ever lived. That, of course, should invoke a feeling of deep gratitude — and also foster an awareness that not everybody is as lucky are you are. The glories of your life aren’t magnificent all on their own; it’s what you do with those glories that’s important. If you have a chance to alleviate the suffering of other people, even if it means giving up an inch of your privilege, then it’s recommended to do it — it’ll be unlikely that your life will be disrupted in any meaningful way, but someone else may benefit significantly.

Lifting People Up

Finally, remember that while most people are capable of doing what they want to do, some need a little bit of encouragement to make their dreams a reality. They might be insecure, or not have the social currency (such as knowing the right people and so on) to get where they want to be. If you have advice, connections, or can help them in other ways, then do it. There’s a lot to be said for lifting up the people around you, because it raises standards across the board, and that leads to a better society.

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