Sorting the garden out for Spring

As a family we’re very lucky that we have a nice garden. It’s not huge, but it is a fairly good size. It’s sizeable enough for a trampoline with room to kick a ball around in and to have a kids paddling pool up in the summer months.

We do use our garden a lot in the drier weather. From entertaining friends with a BBQ, to enjoying picnic lunches on the grass with our children or simply sitting under an umbrella watching the kids play with their toys, draw or read a book. I really couldn’t imagine not having a garden.

Sadly however, the winter months have meant that our lovely garden has been rather neglected. I think it’s fair to say that we’re in desperate need of a garden clearance! In fact my husband has suggested that we get a skip in the next few months so that we can have a good clear out.

Luckily we do have local gardeners that we use to maintain our garden in the summer months. As we don’t own a lawnmower, and with work and taking care of our children, we just don’t have the time to do it ourselves. Just before Christmas our gardener gave our garden one last tidy up, but since then it’s started to look rather sorry for itself.

Aside from the mounting pile of unused garden toys lined up alongside our garage, there’s also a fair amount of leaves at the bottom of the garden. In addition to that with the recent rainfall we’ve had, the end of our garden resembles a bog! It’s always the same when we have heavy rain and whilst the birds seem to enjoy their newfound pond, the grass enjoys it less so! It takes weeks, sometimes months for it to dry out and then we have to wait for the grass to grow back. As soon as I get some spare time and the weather is dry, perhaps a bit warmer too, we’re going to make a start on sprucing our garden up for Spring!

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