Review: Bargain Toys from PoundToy

Buying gifts for children can be expensive.

If your child’s social life is anything like the social life of our six year old twins, then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Not a week goes by where they don’t come out of school with another birthday invitation. Of course, they absolutely love getting dressed up and going to all these wonderful parties, but for mum and dad, it can add up pretty quickly.

Some parents I know will buy toys throughout the year in sales and clearances, then stash them all away so that when another party invite arrives, they’re prepared! Whilst this is a good idea, it’s not for everyone.

I’m very limited on how much spare time I have. As such I usually do most of my present shopping online. It’s just more convenient for me to chose a gift online and get it delivered straight to my door.

I’ve recently teamed up with PoundToy to show you some of the lovely toys that they have available on their website. The best bit is that they don’t cost a fortune.

You see PoundToy is one of the UK’s leading online locations to purchase high quality, branded character toys and games for children of all ages at prices that rival wholesalers.

PoundToy is a family operated business whose mission is to deliver safe, affordable and quality products which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood through fun, learning and exploration.


You’ll be able to find a fantastic range of product categories and an amazing selection of toys on their website, some of which are; boys toys, girls toys, arts & craft products, novelty gifts, building blocks, vehicles and board games. All at incredible prices, starting at just £1.


I was given a credit of £50.00 and asked to chose some toys for our six year old twins to review.

Here’s what I chose:

  • Totally Hair Barbie 25th Anniversary doll £15.00
  • Mr Potato Head Star Wars Spudtrooper £12.00
  • Mr Potato Head Star Wars Luke Frywalker £9.00
  • 2 x Doodle Buddy Bunny £4.00 each
  • My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Magic £8.00

I did spend just over the £50.00, but as you can see I managed to get some brilliant toys. The Totally Hair Barbie is something that I would have absolutely loved when I was a child! Her hair is down to her feet and she’s very colourful with her multi-coloured dress. She comes with six hair accessories, and is sure to be a great addition to your Barbie collection!

As you can see, M, absolutely adores her Barbie.

Children can use the different accessories to style her long hair. The PoundToy website says: “A great “rare” addition to your Barbie collection. All the great features include her superstar face sculpt, signature long crimped hair, bendable legs, colourful outfit and reproductions of original fashion accessories such as comb and hair accessories.”

Next up, we have these super cool Star Wars themed Mr Potato Head toy. When R and M were toddlers they absolutely loved playing with Mr Potato Head. At six years old, R, is a massive Star Wars fan, so when I saw these on the PoundToy website, I knew she’d love them!

I love their names, Luke Frywalker and Spudtrooper. R also thought they were very funny names!

The Spudtrooper comes complete with a potato body and mix n match accessories, including iconic pieces such as the Stormtroopers blaster. With tons of fun combinations, young Star Wars collectors will love creating their own spudtacular Star Wars creations with the Playskool Mr Potato Head Spudtrooper Star Wars Character.

Luke Frywalker is a master Jedi who can compete with anyone! Luke Frywalker comes with a potato body and mix ‘n’ match accessories including the trusty Lightsaber that has been by his side so often.

As may be able to tell by now R and M have very different tastes when it comes to toys. M loves your stereo-typical ‘girls toys’, whereas R loves toys that are generally marketed towards boys.

My Little Pony is another firm favourite with M. This Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Magic is sure to bring cheer and playfulness to brighten anyone’s day. Children can have hours of fun styling Pinkie Pies hair and dressing her up!

Children can also use the 9 accessories to make the Pinkie Pie figure even more pretty, personalising her in a way never seen before.

Once you’ve unboxed the toy, you can also scan Pinkie Pies foot to unlock a game which can be played on your phone or tablet!

Last up, we have these Doodle Buddy Bunny toys. We’ve recently bought our girls a pet rabbit, so I thought they’d enjoy these bunny Doodle Buddy toys.

Suitable for children aged 3 and over, these Doodle Buddy toys come with 2 Doodle Stixs (washable markers) for children to colour in their bunny toy.

The great thing about these toys is that if your child wants to try a new design, you can simply wash them, then they can start all over again!

Overall, I’m very happy with the toys we received from PoundToy. They’re great value for money and the service received was excellent. Delivery was quick, and everything was as described on the website.

For the purpose of this review I was given a £50 voucher to buy toys from the PoundToy website. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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