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If you haven’t yet realised it, this Sunday is Father’s Day. Like many people I’ve headed to the local supermarkets and a few local small businesses in search of the perfect Father’s Day gift my children can give their daddy.

I can’t say much more as he may well be reading this, but it’s fair to say that our twin girls are pretty excited to give their daddy the gifts they’ve helped me to choose for him.

Two of those gifts, I must admit, have been rather hard to hide! They’re not your usual Father’s Day gift and that what makes them so unique, different and unexpected.

I bet I’ve piqued your interest now so I shall reveal all to you! Two of the gifts that my children will be delivering to their daddy this Sunday are an apple tree and a grape vine.

As a family we love nothing more than getting outdoors. Whether that’s in the garden, local park or somewhere further afield. We also have a keen interest in growing our food. Over the years, we’ve grown potatoes, carrots, radishes, salads and herbs, but never fruit. That’s why I jumped at the chance to receive these two beautiful trees from are an award winning tree gifts company that have been delivering unique tree and plant gifts around the UK for around 14 years now.

Based in Manchester their renowned gift service combines expert grown trees and shrubs, personalised greeting cards and convenient, eco-friendly wrapping.

I know most people opt for chocolates and gadgets when shopping for Father’s Day gifts, but I think that a tree, shrub or plant is a great alternative to the cliched gifts most people are used to receiving and sending. They’re not just for Father’s Day either. You could send one for all occasions. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday or even Christmas.

The best thing of all is that you don’t need a huge garden to grow trees. Many of the trees and plants that sell can be kept in small gardens, patios or conservatories. They even have a range of indoor plants for apartment and offices.

I chose to receive a Royal Gala Apple Tree and a White Grape Vine for my husband.

The Royal Gala Apple Tree costs £49.99 and is a cute little apple tree gift that produces one of the Nations best loved apples.

The reason I chose this tree is because it’s a smaller garden fruit tree so it won’t overtake our garden, but also because it will supply a good heavy crop of fruit that our girls will really enjoy watching grow and then picking and eating them with their dad!

Caring for the tree is also pretty easy and have a range of information on their website about how to look after your tree.

The White Grape Vine gift is £25.99. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a nice sweet grape, a glass of white wine and a potter about in the garden!

Dads can even make their very own wine with the fruit of this pretty grape vine. This one is of the Lakemont variety which is a sweet honey like grape. It’s delicious straight from the vine and makes a good sweet white wine. They do require a bit more work in terms of caring for them compared to an apple tree and the grapes will need an object to climb in order to grow strong and produce a healthy crop. That’s why I’ll be heading to our local garden centre to source a trellis or something similar.

Our girls really can’t wait to see their daddy’s face this Sunday when they show him the trees! They’re currently hiding in our greenhouse and our girls have had lots of fun sneaking out to water them!

Would you gift your dad or perhaps someone else their very own tree? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like to find out more about you can click here to visit their website.

For the purpose of this review I was gifted one apple tree and one grape vine. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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