Poopyhead Game Review

If you’re a fan of toilet humour then you’re sure to enjoy Poopyhead as much as we do!

Poopyhead is a fast paced family game aimed at children aged six and over.

Suitable for 2-4 players, this game will have you all laughing!

Inside the box you’ll find:

Playing cards – toilet, poop, toilet roll & washing hands 

5 x Poopyhead headbands

Whoopie cushion

Instruction leaflet

The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your card before anyone else. The player with the most cards left in each round has to put a Poopyhead headband on their head.

There are five rounds in total. The winner is the person with the least amount of poo on their head at the end of all five rounds.

The cards are dealt out equally between players, and must be played in ranking order:



Toilet paper

Washing hands

Before the game starts you’ll need to place the whoopie cushion at the centre of the table within reach of all players.

To start the game count to 3 and then turn your cards over. You can either hold them in your hand or place them out in front of you.

The round starts as soon as one player places and orange toilet at the centre of the table.

The next card to be played must be a poopyhead, but it cannot be the same colour as the card before it. In this case, the toilet card is orange therefore the poopyhead card cannot be orange. 

The next card to be played is the toilet paper, and then the last card in this round is the hand washing card.

The game is reset when the washing hands card is played, and you start again by placing an orange toilet card down. 

This is repeated until you can either no longer play or until you run out of cards. The player holding the most cards looses the round and must place a poopyhead on  their head.

There are five rounds in total. The winner is the person with the least amount of poopyheads on their head!

Our girls are six years old and thoroughly enjoyed playing this game!

It’s so much fun, quick to get the hang of and we couldn’t stop laughing as our girls came out with some phrases during the game such as ‘I need a poo’ when they were needed to put a poopyhead on!

Overall, I would 100% recommend this game! It’s ideal for the whole family and lots of fun!

For the purpose of this review we were sent this game to review. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.

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