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December 11, 2018

A good night’s sleep is something that many parents long for. Thankfully, my husband and I have many a good nights sleep, but that hasn’t always been the case. With twin girls, we’ve had our fair share of sleepless nights!

However, our twins are now six years old and thankfully for the most they’re pretty good sleepers. 

Sometimes though, I find the business of life can be overwhelming and this has an effect on my sleep. This is why having a good bedtime routine can help you to drift off to sleep quickly, and help you to stay asleep for longer. 

Mattress Online recently sent me a lovely box full of goodies to help me get a good nights sleep. As they say, a good night’s sleep is only possible when you combine a quality mattress with the ultimate win down routine. 

Picture of chocolate, bath bomb, towel, eye mask, face mask, scented candle

Included in my #PerfectNightIn box was a calming & purifying clay mask which is 100% natural and vegan friendly. It’s made using chamomile, charcoal, lavender and tea tree. In addition to this there was a soft fabric eye mask. This is one of my favourites! I wear an eye mask every night as our bedroom can be quite bright in the mornings, and I find an eye mask helps me to sleep for longer. 

There was also a lavender bath bomb which is great for sensitive skin, and again it’s vegan friendly. It’s been made from sage, chamomile and lavender. The perfect way to unwind before bedtime. It smells amazing!

There was also a lavender & rosemary soy candle, Turkish towel which is perfect for the gym, beach or holidays, an adjustable spa headband, organic rich milk chocolate and sleep tea.

With all of these lovely products, I’m hoping to unwind, relax and have a peaceful evening before drifting off  into a deep sleep. 

Let me know what your idea of a #PerfectNightIn is either in the comments below or over on Twitter. Don’t forget to tag me, @Twinmumanddad and @MattressOnline

For the purpose of this post, I was sent the lovely items above. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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