Looking for some Easter sun? 8 holiday destinations for a sunny Easter break

By the time Easter arrives, most of us are simply feed up with the grey and wet weather of the UK. After the buzz and excitement of Christmas and New Year is over, the first few months of the year can be a real drag. Getting back to the daily grind of work and the seemingly endless cold and miserable weather can really get you down. What you need is something to look forward to.

An Easter holiday somewhere hot and sunny can give you the break you need and booking now really give you something to look forward to as you brave the bitter, dark mornings. Although Easter in the UK is likely to be a chilly affair, there are plenty of places in the world you can jet off to, to find some sun and heat at this time of the year.

Whether you are looking simply for some warmer air and brighter days, or you are looking to bask somewhere incredibly hot and work up a nice pre-summer tan; there is plenty of choice out there for you to find your ideal Easter holiday. From family breaks to romantic getaways, these top 8 Easter holiday destinations are bound to provide you with the sun and warmth you are seeking after a freezing UK winter.

The Canary Islands

Found just of the North African coast, the Canary Islands enjoy a lovely warm climate all year round. By Easter, the winter rains should be over and temperatures will usually reach low to mid 20’s every day, but you may want to check the local weather. You can expect to enjoy 8-9 hours of sunshine at this time of the year, making it a lovely break from the grey of the UK. The island of Lanzarote is a family favourite with many hotels specifically catering for families and children. Fuerteventura also caters for families and has its own theme park with hotel. Other islands, such as La Gomera and El Hierro, have not been as developed and offer a more traditional feel for holidaying couples.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde in West Africa has only recently become much of a tourist destination and so much of the scenery and land is unspoiled. Great for adventurous adults or for a family break to remember, Cape Verde enjoys an average temperature of around 26 degrees during April. Visiting at Easter means you can enjoy the glorious sunshine before it gets too hot. From sweeping white, sandy beaches to majestic mountain ranges, Cape Verde has it all. Only a six-hour flight from the UK, its not too far from home, although families with younger children may want to bear the flight times in mind.


Cyprus enjoys the mildest climate in the med and it is warming up quickly around Easter time. you can expect temperatures to average around 22 degrees and at least 7 hours of sunshine each day. The main resort of Paphos caters for families and many tourists, so you know your every need will be met. However, if you want to get away from the tourist crowd then the North coast of the Akamas peninsula is the place to go. Only 5 hours flying time from the UK, Cyprus is a great location for your family Easter break in the sun.


Crete is the biggest of the Greek islands and it experiences one of the earliest springs in Europe. While you won’t get scorching heat during Easter, with temperatures averaging around 17 degrees every day, it will make a welcome change from the weather back home. The early spring brings with it blossoming wild flowers all over the island which will make your stay truly cheery. The South coast does have a warmer microclimate so head there if you want the highest temperatures.


A dream holiday for many families, Orlando in Florida is obviously the home of Disney World and the Universal theme parks. While it can’t be described as a bargain holiday by any means, you may find cheaper deals in Easter than you will in the summer and Florida temperature at this time of the year average at a glorious 28 degrees with over 9 hours of sunshine. The flight times are 9 hours from the UK, but for families with older children, it can be worth it.


Springtime in Marrakesh is glorious as the area is still green and although the temperatures are warm, they are not overbearingly hot. Averaging around 27degrees in the day and a good 8 hours of sunshine each day, a Moroccan holiday is ideal at Easter time. The cooler temperatures are great for families with children who might not be able to deal with the summertime temperatures of the area. It does get slightly cooler in the evenings however, so don’t forget to pack a couple of longer sleeved tops.

Andalusia, Spain

This region of southern Spain is very popular with holiday makers throughout the year. In Easter time, you can expect temperatures of around 21 degrees along the Costa del Sol, and 24 degrees in Seville, where you may find more rain. Seville’s Holy Week is held from April 9th to the 16th and it makes the city a very exciting place to be. However, if you don’t fancy the crowds, you may prefer Marbella or Nerja on the coast. Just a short flight from the UK, this makes an ideal location for families looking to grab some early sunshine.


Very popular with UK holiday makers, Malta boasts 8 hours of sunshine a day around Easter and you can expect temperatures of around 20 degrees. Malta caters for families excellently and so makes for a great Easter holiday location. If you prefer something a little smaller, quitter and more traditional then Malta’s little sister, Gozo, may be the perfect holiday location for you. Less developed but enjoying the same mild climate, Gozo is a peaceful haven from the rest of the world.

With all this choice available, there’s no reason not to jet off for some Easter sunshine – where will this Easter break take you?

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