Kids Craft Activity: Painted String Art

Last week we spent a day doing crafts and painting. One thing I remember doing when I was a child was painting with various items such as potatoes and string.

Keen to introduce these activities to our children we decided to do some painted string art. I’ll save the potato printing for next time!

All you need is some string, paint, paintbrushes and paper. We also had some glitter for added decoration.

The first thing I did was use an old cake tin to squirt the paint into! We then cut four pieces of string and dipped them into the different coloured paints. We found that using a paintbrush to poke the string into the paint worked well to get even coverage.

We then laid the string out on one half of a piece of paper, then folded the paper in half making sure that some of the string was poking out of the paper, and then pulled the string out before opening the paper back up to see what kind of pattern it created.

As you can see R added some glitter to her yellow painted string art above. We think this one looks a bit like an owl with its wings spread open! What do you think?

Our girls really enjoyed experimenting with different patterns and directions of pulling the string out, and they managed to create some wonderful paintings using their string.

As you can see from the picture below, M thought this one looked like a butterfly so she used her paintbrush to add some antennas!

This one below kind of looks like a bridge or hands being held together. What do you think?

R and M had lots of fun trying out different designs with the paint and string. Have you ever tried this kind of painting with your children? Let me know in the comments below!

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