How to Create Family Memories This Fall

October 19, 2018

The leaves are changing colors and you can smell the aroma of pumpkin spice in the air…what does that mean? Fall is here! Fall is, hands down, my most favorite time of the year. 

I love everything about fall. The food, fashion and weather are things that just make my heart smile. Fall is especially fun if you have a family. Big or small, the fun you can have during this time of the year is totally different than the fun you have in the summer or winter. 

Were going to look at how you can turn these fun fall moments into memories that your friends and family can cherish for years to come.

Take Pictures

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I wholeheartedly believe that. Yes we have our memories, but over time, sometimes our memories fade, and it’s so nice to have pictures to look back on and be able to reminisce on the fun we had.

Whether it’s bobbing for apples or your children’s Halloween costumes when they were babies, it’s always fun, and sentimental to look back on those. Here are some fun fall picture ideas:

  • Family Photos: Set up an appointment with your local photographer for fall themed family photos. You can have your family visit a farm and have the set up be everyone sitting on bails of hay with pumpkins scattered amongst you all. 

You can even do something as simple as having everyone lean against a wooden fence. With this picture, you want to ensure that the scenery of fall is somewhere in the background. Ideally, the fall colors on the leaves would be the perfect accent to set the tone of the picture.

  • Halloween Costume Photos: These pictures are very informal and usually don’t require a professional photographer (it’s your preference); These types of pictures are typically taken with a phone…especially the kids costume pictures. Those are definitely moments you want to capture for keepsakes.

Record Videos

There’s nothing like a video to capture “real time” moments of your fall adventures. Some of these moments will tickle your funny bone and some will have your heart filled with joy of being able to capture such moments.

My mother, to this day, has a video of me when I was 5 years old going trick-or-treating. I was a princess dressed in a pink gown holding a wand. She’s recording me going up to a house, walking up to the porch. 

Sitting there on the porch is this scarecrow (so I thought). I thought it was stuffed. As I walk up the steps to ring the doorbell, that “stuffed scarecrow” jumps up and scares me so bad that I took off running.

As a 5 year old, it was terrifying and quite traumatic! But being an adult now with a family of my own, I can look at that video and have tears coming down my face from laughing so hard.

It’s memories like that, that I can appreciate recording it. Now I’m not saying go out there and scare the living daylights out of your children for your own personal entertainment purposes, all I’m saying is, there’s so many fun and exciting things to do in the fall…why not capture every live second of it!

Get Crafty

Oh how I love crafts, especially in the fall. Fall gives crafts a whole new meaning. The fabrics are different, the colors are differents, and the scents are absolutely different.

With fall upon us, now is the time to stock up on your ribbon and tulle as well as your pumpkins pine cones. I enjoy decorating my home in fall decor. I feel that when the seasons change, people’s mood change too.

Decorating for fall is fun, but it’s even more fun when you create your own decor. Fall crafts for adults include:

  • Door Wreaths
  • Homemade Candles  
  • Pine Cone Potpourri Using Essential Oils
  • Wine Cork Table Decor

Fall Crafts for Kids include:

  • Popsicle Stick Scarecrow
  • Tissue Paper Fall Tree
  • Paper Plate Wreaths
  • Lollipop Ghosts

Many of these crafts are interchangeable between seasons. With fall being reminiscent of cinnamon and pine cones, these fall crafts can also used for activities in the winter as well…just a friendly reminder.

Create Recipes

Fall food will warm your mind, body, and spirit. From the soups and chilis to the cakes and pies…fall food in all aspects is sure to please.

I recently have been experimenting with different recipes for a rum cake. My great-grandmother made the perfect rum cake. I know the basics, as far as the ingredients, but I’ve been trying to figure the exact measurements to pay homage to my mee-maw.

Well folks, I finally figured it out and the first family gathering we had, I made it. When all the adults took their first bite, they closed their eyes and smiled. I, of course, had a different (non-alcoholic) cake for the kids to enjoy.

 But when everyone took a bite, it took them back to a time when mee-maw would make that cake. While everyone was eating their cake, we all just simply sat there and reminisced about mee-maw. 

Even though she is no longer with us physically, in that moment at the dinner table, we knew she was there spiritually, and that was a memory that no one there will ever forget. 

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is the perfect way to share all these memories with other people, including family memebers. Your readers don’t have to know you personally, but opening up about certain aspects of your life helps your readers get to know you.

All these fall memories you’ve created are so heartwarming and informative, why not share your wealth of knowledge! In order to start your own blog, you will need to create your domain name.

Doing that will allow you to create your blog to your liking and customize it to what you want to talk about. Share everything we just discussed with everyone. You can give people tips on crafts, photo ideas, and share your famous rum cake recipe.

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