Helping Your Child Become More Independent

November 16, 2021

Every mother dreams of the day that they no longer need to change diapers and can walk into the kitchen to find dinner ready. There are many ways that you can make this day come sooner where your child is able to be more independent. There are going to be times where you aren’t there and teaching your child how to do a few simple tasks can help them greatly. 

We have teamed up with a boys school in London to explore ways that you can help your child become more independent.

Teaching Them How to Cook

This doesn’t need to be anything too complicated and can be a simple recipe that they can fall on when they’re hungry. This could be a sandwich or boiled eggs.

First Aid

Knowing how to respond in the time of an emergency can help your child to stay safe and help those around them. Start by running through where the first aid box is kept, what it contains and when it should be used. For more in-depth first aid, there are courses that are available for children to complete that explain how to treat a burn, how to perform CPR and other advanced procedures.


Instilling self-confidence in your child can help them to grow into being an independent person that is confident in their ability and can take on challenges. To grow your child’s confidence, always praise them for their victories no matter how small they are and push them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.


Practising resilience teaches children how to navigate through difficult situations which they will need to be able to do on their own in order to be independent. Start by getting your child to create a list of goals to turn to when things get hard and teach them to focus on the silver linings in life.

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