Hatchimals Surprise Reveal and Video #HatchimalsSurprise

In 2016 Hatchimals were the ‘must have’ toy for Christmas and SpinMaster are back again this year with their brand new Hatchimals Surprise!

Hatchimals Surprise is all about anticipation and surprise! You don’t know who you’ll hatch, but your egg can’t hatch without your love and care!

We’re one of a lucky few who have been sent our very own Hatchimals Surprise to hatch and share with you!

Hatchimals are magical and interactive creatures that embody the wonder of surprise. The key to releasing their magic is children! It’s through their curiosity, care and nurturing that Hatchimals are brought to life!

Hatching your Hatchimals is a very special moment, but what’s also special is watching your children raise their Hatchimals from baby to toddler to full-grown Hatchimal.

Children can teach their Hatchimals how to walk, talk, play games and more!

Just like the original Hatchimals offerings that launched last year, kids can care for their egg and try to guess the surprise within, and once the rainbow eyes light up the egg is ready to hatch.

When the egg starts to hatch the BIG surprise is revealed! Watch the video below to find out what the surprise is!

TWINS! What an amazing surprise!

How magical that there are two, but the egg isn’t twice as big!

Who would have guessed! As you can tell from watching the video, our girls were not expecting to find two Hatchimals!

Once again Hatchimals have pushed the boundaries of imagination and have built on the surprise that Hatchimals products are known for.

Hatchimals Surprise comes in two adorable creatures, Giravens and Peacats, each with their own unique personalities.

Hatching the Hatchimals Surprise was really easy and took around 8 minutes in total. After pulling the white tabs out from under the egg, children can start caring for their egg to help it hatch. Our girls gave their egg lots of kisses and cuddles. They even rocked it in their arms and sang to it!

From inside the egg, you can hear the Hatchimal making noise and when it’s rainbow eyes light up that means it’s ready to hatch!

Children can help to wiggle the Hatchimal free and once out, they’ll soon discover another Hatchimal! It’s twins!

Like the original Hatchimals, children can raise them through three different stages and unlock new ways to play at each stage.

Best of all, the twins love spending time together and they can really sense and respond to one another – including telling secrets, playing games and dancing – creating endless play opportunities for kids!

I think Hatchimals Surprise is going to be a firm favourite among children this year. Children love the surprise of not knowing what’s inside, plus they enjoy caring for and helping their Hatchimal to hatch before raising it through the various stages.

Our girls absolutely adore their Hatchimal twins! What do you think? Did you expect to find twins inside?

For your chance to win your very own #HatchimalsSurprise join me (@Twinmumanddad) and Spin Master (@spinmaster and @spinmasteruk) over on Twitter today, October 6th 2017, between 5pm and 6.30pm! Make sure you use the #HatchimalsSurprise hashtag!



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